The Northeast Library is a specialized scientific library that deals with the regional history of northern East Central Europe and the history of the Russian Germans. The total holdings comprise approximately 170,000 media units. It forms part of the library network of the University of Hamburg.
The holdings of the Northeast Library focus on the subjects of history, particularly contemporary, cultural, and school history, regional studies, and cartography. Regional collection areas include: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, East Prussia, West Prussia, Posen Province, Pomerania, Poland, Russia and the CIS countries. 

In addition, the library houses the following special collections:

Kagebein Collection: The collection comprises approximately 12,000 volumes on the history and culture of the Baltic Germans, which are indexed in the computer catalog.

Undritz Collection: The collection, comprising approximately 1,400 volumes, focuses on materials relating to Baltic history, cultural history and regional studies, as well as Russian history. 

Heise Collection: The collection contains approximately 12,000 volumes of literature in, predominantly, Polish (around 70%) or German (around 24%) on the subject of Poland, the provinces of Posen and West Prussia, the Germans in Poland, and German-Polish relations. A significant part of this collection deals with the history of the Protestant churches in Poland. 

Postcards and vedute:

The picture archive contains about 42,000 postcards and about 3,000 prints. All postcards are archived according to a classification system. 

Approximately 12,000 picture postcards (from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the former Prussian provinces of East Prussia, West Prussia and Posen) are indexed in a local EDP catalog.

The digitization of picture postcards was started in 2013 as part of the "Digital Library Riga" project in cooperation with the Martin Opitz Library in Herne and the Digital Forum Mittel- und Osteuropa e.V./Munich.

Maps: The map collection comprises a total of approximately 12,500 sheets. So far, approximately 4,500 sheets have been indexed in the campus catalog. The map collection contains approximately 1,000 sheets of old maps, the digitization of which was begun in 2008 in cooperation with the Martin Opitz Library in Herne.
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