In 2020, the Lovis Corinth Prize will be awarded to Peter Weibel. To celebrate the occasion, the KOG is dedicating an extensive exhibition to his life's work. The long-standing director of the ZKM, the Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, has been shaping the international media art scene for decades as an artist as well as a theoretician and curator.
The exhibition provides an insight into Peter Weibel's multifaceted life's work, which often has a visionary character and takes a critical look at political and social events. His artistic oeuvre includes experimental film, computer art, video art, conceptual art and performance. The tour of the exhibition focuses on works in which Weibel deals with key issues relating to Europe.

The installation "Europa(t)raum" ("Dream of Europe"), in which the viewer moves through a torn map of Europe via a screen, is one of his large-scale works. With the computer video installation "Die Vertreibung der Vernunft” ("The Expulsion of Reason") Weibel addresses the forced emigration of artists and intellectuals in Austria between 1933 and 1945. The latest work is called "Brennt das Haus Europa?” ("Is the House of Europe on fire?") Here Weibel turns the mirror – quite literally – to us, the viewers, so that the figure of Europe suddenly bears our own face, and we feel that we are being actively held accountable. Excerpts from rock concerts and media operas, interactive sound installations and augmented reality visualizations offer a multi-layered sensory experience.
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