Eight thematic modules, around 300 objects on 300 square metres, 15 interactive media and nine hands-on stations and two audio tours - the exhibition presentation in HAUS SCHLESIEN is as diverse as the region of Silesia itself.

On the basis of selected Silesian
Silesian places of remembrance, the culture and history of Silesia are presented in all their facets.
and visitors are invited to engage with the region, its special features and its network of relationships.
Border shifts, changes of power and immigration and emigration have left their marks on slesia and in the memories of its inhabitants. On an area of 300 square metres, the permanent exhibition presents Silesia in its historical and cultural diversity. On the basis of selected places of remembrance, formative caesuras in Silesian history are presented and new perspectives on the landscape, culture and society of Silesia are opened up to visitors through the multi-perspective approach. In addition to the historical facts and individual personal fates, the exhibition explains the emergence of different historical images and documents the changing culture of remembrance. Each of the places of remembrance is assigned its own "house", whereby the "house" stands as an associative symbol for homeland and thus also for the loss of homeland and at the same time serves as a space of remembrance. The individual thematic units are each preceded by an in-depth media station and a hands-on station that playfully addresses individual aspects. An interactive map in the entrance area uses photographs and documents to tell four exemplary Silesian life stories. The tour ends with a memo board that invites visitors to write down their own memories and thoughts about Silesia. Two audio tours - for children and adults - offer further opportunities for immersion.
The permanent exhibition is supplemented by changing special exhibitions and a varied programme of events.