The online catalogs of the Museum for Russian-German Cultural History allow for an overview of its collections.
In the object catalogs you will find detailed information on objects from various collection areas. These are arranged according to a simplified subject classification system.
In total, the collection contains around 10,000 objects of ethnological significance. The largest part consists of household items of Russian-German colonists and their descendants. In addition, the collection contains specialized equipment from the fields of manual labor, agriculture, hand crafts and the household, but non-domestic areas such as school, the military, the church, and various professions are also represented.
Another part of the collection consists of around 700 works of art, including paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures and reliefs. At the same time, the object catalog provides an insight into some of the archival materials available at the Museum for Russian-German Cultural History, which currently fill around 120 linear meters of shelf-space. These include photographs, recorded interviews with contemporary witnesses, and, to a lesser extent, music and recordings in historical languages or dialects.
Other documents in the archive include professional, civil, military, official or confessional documents, as well as maps of the German colonies in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. There is also a collection of correspondence between individuals and authorities in the Federal Republic and the Soviet Union or Russia, as well as some church records and other religious literature.
A number of items and collections acquired by bequest, both from individuals and associations, have also found their way into the museum archive as a result of special inquiries and requests. The archive also contains a stock of newspapers and periodicals, encompassing approximately 1,000 different titles.
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