The CULTURAL CENTER EAST PRUSSIA also offers several online services, providing virtual visitors with quick and easy-to-access information on important events, names, and peculiarities of East Prussian history. Useful facts, dates, and figures are available at the touch of a button.
On its homepage, the East Prussian Cultural Center offers a number of exciting ways to get to know the culture and history of East Prussia in all its diversity using modern media. One presentation takes us on a journey through more than a thousand years of the country's history, while 'East Prussia from A to Z' presents all East Prussian towns and cities organized according to administrative districts and counties. The 'Document Service' provides information about services and events currently on offer at the cultural center, the annual program, and publications; digital images of several historical maps of East Prussia can also be found here. Three videos round off our online visit: an audiovisual tour of the Cultural Center East Prussia, a tour of the exhibition 'Greetings from ... East Prussia' and a film about the region’s symbolic animal, the moose.