Research into the culture and history of the Russian-Germans is highly relevant both from a historical perspective and today. Karl Stumpp still plays a key role in the formation of the Russian-German identity.
Karl Stumpp is still the central figure in Russian-German history and identity politics. Both in the interwar period and after 1945, he played a key role in the constitution of this field of research and in the founding of Russian-German interest organizations.
During the Second World War, after the German invasion of the Soviet Union, he headed the "Kommando Dr. Stumpp", which conducted 'racial' surveys of the population in occupied 
ukr. Ukrajina, deu. Ukraine

Ukraine is a country in eastern Europe inhabited by about 42 million people. Kiev is the capital and also the greatest city of Ukraine. The country has been independent since 1991. The Dnieper River is the longest river in Ukraine.

. A well-founded biographical work on Stumpp is still a desideratum of research, which the project aims to address.
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