In the OstData project, a research data service for research on Eastern, Central Eastern and Southeastern Europe is being developed with interdisciplinary and international connectivity.
The publication of research data is becoming increasingly important for scientific publication and reputation culture and makes it possible to make research results comprehensible and available for subsequent scientific use. A modular, network-like technical infrastructure for the storage, publication, long-term archiving and search of research data sets, including consulting services for the scientific community, is currently being developed.
In developing an interdisciplinary research data infrastructure, OstData faces the challenge of curating the research data that has been created and is continuously being created under different institutional frameworks, securing its technical quality, bundling it, and making it findable and available. The OstData repository will be based on centralized and decentralized models of data storage, archiving and quality assurance. A central search function is based on a metadata schema developed within the project, which is tailored to the diversity and heterogeneity of research data in the humanities and mostly qualitative collection methods. 
The OstData beta launch will take place in the fall of 2021. 

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