The Copernico Team

The Copernico portal editorial office is located at the Herder Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe in Marburg.


The portal is operated by the Herder Institute for Historical Research on Eastern Central Europe - Institute of the Leibniz Association in Marburg.

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Project leaders

  • Prof. Dr. Peter Haslinger (V.i.S.d.P.)
  • PD Dr. Heidi Hein-Kircher
  • Dr. Simon Donig


  • Dr. Antje Johanning-Radžienė  
  • Felix Köther M.A.


  • Felix Köther M.A.  
  • Philipp Horstmeier M.A.                          

Museums consultant

  • Nico Wiethof M.A.

Social Media

  • Hilke Wagner M.A.

Database maintenance

  • Hilke Wagner M.A.


  • William Connor M.A.

Former staff

  • Barbara Fichtl M.A. (project lead, until 12/2021)
  • Xenia Fink B.A. (database maintenance, until 02/2021)
  • Jana Gleich M.A. (specialist editor, until 05/2021)
  • Alexander Golla (intern, until 10/2020)
  • Dr. Dr. h.c. Norbert Kersken (specialist editor, until 03/2021)
  • Patrick P. Kopec M.Sc. (until 06/2021, database maintenance, geographic norm and metadata)
  • Stefan Lange M.A. (UX, until 12/2019)
  • Veit Lorenz B.A. (until 06/2021, database maintenance)
  • Henrik Vollbracht (social media, until 06/2021)
  • Sebastian Weiß B.A. (until 06/2021, geographic norm and metadata)
  • Melina Werneburg M.A. (until 09/2021, database maintenance)


Databases and data provision
digiCULT Verbund eG, Kiel


Frontend development and Webdesign