Immanuel Kant (1724–1804) is one of the most important philosophers in history and one of the most important protagonists of the German-speaking Enlightenment. His creative period is divided into two phases: A first „pre-critical“ period and a later „critical“ period, in which the main works known to this day, first the „Critique of Pure Reason“ (1781) are published. Its creation constitutes the turning point in Kant's philosophical work, so fundamental and revolutionary that it is also called the „Copernican turn“ in Kant's philosophy.

But what was the background of this so decisive change of perspective in Kant's work? Let the philosopher himself tell us....
Storyboard: Jakub Techert
Editing: Antje Johanning-Radžiene, Felix Köther
English translation: LeaF-Translations
Produced by: Erklärhelden,