This exhibition, organized by the Cultural Office for West Prussia, Poznan Land and Central Poland, is devoted to a common but very special object: the spoon. The act of sitting and eating together at the same table embodies a sense of peace and belonging. Unique, and yet ubiquitous across all cultures, spoons are often passed down from generation to generation.
Carried on the belt over many centuries, the spoon is still regarded as a connecting element that brings people together and unites them, regardless of their background. This exhibition at the West Prussian State Museum is a collaborative initiative of the Cultural Office for West Prussia, Posener Land and Central Poland together with Katja Bremkamp-Leenen and Nicole Aufmkolk from the Warendorf artists' community "Die Bunte Kuh" (The Colorful Cow). On display are spoons from private ownership, which were provided by citizens of Warendorf and the surrounding area. Each has a special link to history and tells a story of escape, expulsion, hardship or imprisonment, about resettlement and memories of loved ones, while some pieces also tell of moments of joy and gratitude, friendship and hopes for the future.

The exhibits presented in this artistic exhibition are part of a collection of spoons from different cultures and countries, and include home-made pieces, as well as representations of different views and cultural changes with philosophical origins or with specific thematic links. Above all, however, they are memorabilia and simple tools, modified for personal use. Some spoons are still being used after countless years and a long history, while others have been found or taken out of storage especially for the exhibition, but all have one thing in common: they are irreplaceable.
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