Research into the architectural history of modernism in Eastern Europe is a long-term art historical project of the BKGE, the core of which is the cooperation with the Architekturmuseum in Breslau/Muzeum Architektury we Wrocławiu (Wroclaw Museum of Architecture). Another focus is on translations of central publications by East Central European authors into German.
Currently, the focus is on questions about actors and networks, especially questions about the transnational interconnections of artists and intellectuals, which were destroyed by the Nazi takeover in 1933, and the subsequent migration movements caused by war, border shifts and the "Iron Curtain". A contribution to this was made by the conference "Not Just Bauhaus. Networks of Modernism in Central Europe," which took place in January 2019 at the Silesian Museum in Görlitz and the Wroclaw Museum of Architecture. It focused on the newly constituted states of Eastern Europe after the First World War. Despite political antagonisms between the vanished empires and the new nation states, artistic connections continued to thrive across the newly drawn borders, for example between the Wroclaw and Warsaw architecture scenes.
The resulting volume Not Just Bauhaus – Networks of Modernity in Central Europe  was published in the series of the BKGE.

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