Kristina Jõekalda is an associate professor and senior research fellow at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn. She studied art history and general history there and also at the University of Helsinki. In 2018, she was a visiting scholar at Humboldt University in Berlin (funded by the Böckler-Mare-Balticum Foundation) and in 2022 is a postdoctoral fellow at Yale University. She was awarded a doctorate with a thesis on "German Monuments in the Baltic Heimat? A Historiography of Heritage in the 'Long Nineteenth Century'" (Tallinn 2020). Her teaching and research interests include art and architectural history, historiography, and monument preservation in the Baltics, particularly of the Baltic Germans, in the context of nationalism and colonialism. She is co-editor of the anthology "A Socialist Realist History? Writing Art History in the Post-War Decades" (with Krista Kodres and Michaela Marek, Vienna/Cologne/Weimar 2019) and the special issues "European Peripheries of Architectural Historiography" (with Petra Brouwer, The Journal of Architecture 2020) and "Debating German Heritage: Art History and Nationalism during the Long Nineteenth Century" (with Kodres, Kunstiteaduslikke Uurimusi / Studies in Art History 2014).