At the Museum for Russian-German Cultural History (MrK) you will find everything important about Russian-German culture and history! The numerous holdings in the library, collection and archive offer interested visitors both a thematic introduction and the opportunity for further research or research projects.
The library's stock contains over 11,000 titles on the history and culture of the Russian Germans. In addition, there are works on the history of 
deu. Russland, rus. Rossija, rus. Россия

The Russian Federation is the largest territorial state in the world and is inhabited by about 145 million people. The capital and largest city is Moscow, with about 11.5 million inhabitants, followed by St. Petersburg with more than 5.3 million inhabitants. The majority of the population lives in the European part of Russia, which is much more densely populated than the Asian part.

Since 1992, the Russian Federation has been the successor state to the Russian Soviet Republic (Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic, RSFSR), by far the largest constituent state of the former Soviet Union. It is also the legal successor of the Soviet Union in the sense of international law.

, Germany and Eastern Europe in general. The stock consists mainly of technical literature, magazines and newspapers. A small collection of prose and poetry, which is related to the collective memory of the Russian-German community, complements the scientific holdings. Most books are freely available for use in the reference library. Newspapers and magazines as well as special documents are stored and can be viewed by appointment. Workstations for visitors and a photocopier are also available for use at the library.
The collection of the Museum of Russian-German Cultural History includes mainly everyday objects such as tools, clothing, crockery and coins. The collection also includes paintings and sculptures from the 20th century. All objects are related to the Russian-German history of the last 300 years. In total, the collection contains more than 10,000 objects.
The museum archive includes numerous historical documents as well as audio and video media, such as letters, postcards, diaries, cards, certificates and deeds, and much more. The archive also houses an image collection with over 1,500 photographs, postcards and slides.
Objects from the collection and archival materials that are not currently on display are kept in the storeroom, which is not open to the public for conservation reasons. For research purposes, however, the museum is happy to grant access to its holdings. It is possible to view the objects and archival materials in the library's reading room. In the case of objects that are particularly in need of protection, it is possible to make a photographic reproduction.