Biographies are treasure troves of history. They often span several political eras and offer a personal perspective of history, shaped by individuals’ experiences of day to day life. 
In this event series, well-known and unknown personalities from the Czech Lands, such as Bernard Bolzano and Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, are introduced in detail. Anniversaries or the release of a new publication, film, etc. can also be occasions to dedicate an event to the biography or historical impact of these personalities, using a range of formats. Contemporary witnesses also have a lot to tell us, for example, the actor Dietrich Mattausch, who comes from 

Litoměřice is a town in the northwestern part of the Czech Republic. The city is in the region Ústecký kraj (German: Aussiger Region) in the north of Bohemia and is settled by about 24,000 people. The rivers Elbe and Cheb run through the city.


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