This series of conferences run by the Herder Institute brings together historians working on the history of cities and the history of urbanity, whose work specifically focuses on cities in the Baltic States. The aims behind the conference series are to encourage methodological and conceptual exchange and to establish a transnational, thematically oriented network of experts.
The conferences are held every three years, alternately at one of the locations of the collaborating partners. Following an international call for papers, the conference will focus on the history of the cities in the Baltic States. Networking is the main focus, since the institutional and personal contacts of the researchers working in this field are not yet well established. There is a lack of traditions around joint research and common issues or questions, which the conferences series would like to address in the medium to long term. The organizers see a connecting role in the history of cities and urbanity for the respective historiographies of the three Baltic States and beyond, since urban history offers numerous starting points for research on the network of cities in the Baltic States (and the connections of the cities there with those of the other European regions), as well as current issues of (Western) European research.