“Erlesenes Ostpreußen” (Exquisite East Prussia) is the name of the new video series by the Cultural Advisor for East Prussia and the Baltic States. The videos present literature from and about East Prussia und will be made available on the Youtube channel of the East Prussian State Museum.
In 1945, the German history of East Prussia ended. But the memories of this country and its people live on in a surprisingly diverse array of literature. Many significant authors, still known to a wide audience even to this day, hailed from East Prussia, such as Johann Gottfried Herder, E.T.A. Hoffmann, Siegfried Lenz, Marion Dönhoff, Johannes Bobrowski, and Arno Surminski. Many books dealing with East Prussia and its heritage were published in Germany, Poland, Russia, and Lithuania even after 1945. In our series “Erlesenes Ostpreußen”, we aim to present a selection of novels, memoirs, poems, and non-fiction books, that will help familiarize you with East Prussia and its present inhabitants. Lesser-known titles feature in the line-up as prominently as the “classics”. The widely known author Ulla Lachauer will start the series off by presenting the book “Stille Jahre in Gertlauken. Erinnerungen an Ostpreußen” by Marianne Peyinghaus.