Would you like to organize projects that involve cross-border encounters or a summer school related to German cultural heritage in Eastern Europe? With a special funding program, the BKM supports innovative formats that have particular appeal for younger people.
If possible, the projects should be carried out in cooperation with key organizations and individuals from Eastern Europe.
Applications may be submitted by legal entities (e.g. associations, foundations, universities) based in Germany, and must be submitted at the beginning of each year.
The module "Cultural education and communication" refers to projects that enable cross-border encounters for youth and young adults in the fields of theater, literature, music and visual arts.
Funding is provided for cultural projects that are specifically designed to involve cross-border encounters and that encourage a contemporary examination of the culture and history of the Germans in Eastern Europe.
The "Science" module is aimed at young academics. Here, "Summer Schools" (or comparable formats) can be applied for, which deal with different perspectives of the common cultural heritage in Eastern Europe and the future of this shared heritage.

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