Multiperspectivity enriches discussions enormously. How do representatives of the German-Czech network view current developments in the mutual relations between the two countries? The Cultural Advisor for the Bohemian Lands poses this thought-provoking question.
In a series of double interviews with representatives from German and Czech civil society, for example, from politics, the church, culture, art, economics, science, tourism, medicine etc., Wolfgang Schwarz, the Cultural Advisor for the Bohemian Lands, will shed some light on impacts in these areas, but also on other challenges for Czech-German relations. Eight questions are posed (alluding to the central “significance of the number 8 in Bohemian history“ “significance of the number 8 in Bohemian history“ Many important events in Czech and Bohemian history took place in years ending in 8. In the 20th century, these included the Munich Agreement in 1938 - in which the Sudetenland was ceded to the German Reich, as well as the communist seizure of power in 1948, and the suppression of the Prague Spring in 1968. ), some of which remain the same in every interview, while others are adapted to the respective institutional or personal background of the interviewee. The conversations are published at irregular intervals according to their topicality.
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