“Art on the Stream” brings together a range of artistic positions, artists and curators from the Danube area. The project, organized by the Cultural Advisor for the Danube Region, aims to present a variety of artistic expressions from the countries along the Danube, which will be presented in a travelling exhibition from 2020-2022.
The travelling exhibition “Art on the Stream” offers a multifaceted insight into the artistic life of countries along the Danube, spanning all generations and art forms. Among current artistic positions in the Danube region, a central focus will be on the tensions between the oftentimes cosmopolitan positions of artists and existing national ties. A number of symposiums as well as regular events in preparation and celebration of the European Capital of Culture of 
Novi Sad
deu. Neusatz, hun. Újvidék, srp. Нови Сад, slk. Nový Sad

Novi Sad (German: Neusatz) is a large city in the north of Serbia. The city is home to 230,000 people, making Novi Sad the country's second largest city. It is the capital of the Vojvodina region and is located at the mouth of the Little Batschka Canal into the Danube.

 in 2022 and 
deu. Temeswar, srp. Темишвар, srp. Temišvar, hun. Temesvár, deu. Temeschwar

Timișoara is a large city in western Romania, not far from the borders with Serbia and Hungary. It was a settlement center of the German-speaking Danube Swabians until World War II. Timișoara has just under 320,000 inhabitants.

 in 2023 will bring artists and curators together in order to exchange ideas and form networks.