You would like to do research in the library holdings of the Museum of Russian-German Cultural History? Use the OPAC!
In the online catalog of the Museum for Russian-German Cultural History, you can search for titles from the library collection, which contains over 12,000 titles on the history and culture of the Russian-Germans.
In addition, there are works on the history of Russia, Germany and Eastern Europe in general. The holdings include mainly specialized literature, periodicals and newspapers. A smaller literature section, containing prose and poetry related to the collective memory of the Russian-German community, complements the scientific holdings.
The library also houses  over 1,000 titles from the field of gray literature, including mainly autobiographical works such as diaries, memoirs, family histories, and village or regional chronicles. In addition, almost all areas of origin and major migratory movements are represented with at least one contemporary witness report. 
The library also includes about 400 video and audio media in a wide variety of formats. The spectrum ranges from moving image recordings of private celebrations, social events and autobiographically narrated family stories to professional productions from the genres of feature film, documentary and docudrama.
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