The Martin Opitz Library teaches media competence.

Both successful information research and a critical approach to media are becoming increasingly important, whether at school, university, work or in private life. In order to impart these skills successfully and practically, the MOB cooperates with the Mulvany Berufskolleg in Herne.
The educational partnership between the Martin Opitz Library (MOB) and the Mulvany Vocational College in Herne was launched at the end of 2019 as part of the pilot project "Selfie with Personality" ("Selfie mit Persönlichkeit"). The biographical examination of well-known people from the MOB's collection area enables the students to make links between the selected biography and their own. The MOB provides accompanying strategies and methods of information research and encourages critical media consumption. In addition, the students are also encouraged to actively design media themselves, for example by composing their own images, editing them and then exhibiting them at the MOB.