In cooperation with the museum, the Cultural Office for Russian-Germans supports educational work in schools and aims to facilitate and deepen the teaching of culture and history. In the school programs "Museumsrallye” (museum rally) and "Koffer packen” (pack your suitcase), syllabus content is both expanded through digital media and made literally graspable for the students, who learn through experiencing real artefacts.
The Museum of Russian-German Cultural History sees itself as a "secondary learning institute". The topics dealt with in the exhibitions offer interdisciplinary links to the school syllabus: from history, politics, languages, religion and geography to music and art lessons. Through multi-sensory exhibits and activities, students are able to learn about history and culture with a hands-on approach and engage with the content in their own individual way. 
The museum’s educational initiatives—"museum rally" (Museumsrallye) and "pack your bags" (Kofferpacken)—combine primary learning experiences with museum exhibits and content as well as digital extensions of historical and social topics. In the rally, students can explore the themes of the exhibitions with the help of the digital textbook "Russian-German cultural history" (Russlanddeutsche Kulturgeschichte), while "Koffer packen" centers around the theme of migration. In addition to the museum artefacts, students can also use online content from their own YouTube channel. By experiencing the exhibits up close, younger visitors can also gain further insights into the work of a museum.