The "Nordost-Archiv" is published in the form of annual volumes on selected topics.
The journal is oriented toward regional and relationship history as well as cultural studies issues in areas where Germans and other ethnic groups have lived side by side and with each other. The thematic stringency and coherence, which is also evident in the review section, sets Nordost-Archiv apart from other scholarly periodicals.
The journal is published as a peer-reviewed journal using the double-blind peer-review process. It is available as a print edition in bookshops and as a digital version in the relevant international bibliographic databases such as "History and Life". The papers and reviews of the individual volumes are available for download there - as well as on the Institute's homepage.
The Nordost-Archiv is published in conjunction with Andres Kasekamp (Tartu), Nikolaus Katzer (Hamburg), Claudia Kraft (Vienna), Ilgvars Misāns (Rīga), David J. Smith (Glasgow), Darius Staliūnas (Vilnius), Robert Traba (Olsztyn), and Elena Zubkova (Moscow).
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