Research using our portal with access to one million items of data on history literature, literature and culture of East Central Europe.
The library and bibliography portal of the Herder Institute combines the features and functionality of a library catalog and a literature database under one interface. This makes it possible to search for books, journals and other media from the holdings of the Herder Institute's library as well as to find dependent publications (i.e. articles from journals or anthologies). In total, the collection contains more than one million items relating to the history, literature and culture of East Central Europe. The portal offers numerous features that support a search, for example, tables of contents are scanned, making it possible to find even those articles that have not been indexed by our bibliography team. Furthermore, a degree of vagueness in the search is accounted for, so that a title can be found even if typed incorrectly. In addition, the portal allows for searches using diacritical marks from East-Central European languages and dialects as well as searches in Cyrillic script. Last but not least, the filtering of hits has been intuitively designed and can be implemented with just a few clicks. In addition to a simple search with a plain search field, an advanced search is also available, allowing for more specificity. When searching for literature about specific places or individuals, the "geographical search" and "person search" functions can be used as a support, via links in the menu bar.