The library contains the largest specialized collection on the history of the Czech Lands, Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the whole of Germany and Western Europe
The collection focuses on the history and culture of the 
Czech lands
deu. Böhmische Länder, eng. Bohemian lands

The term "Bohemian lands" is used to refer to the historical lands of Bohemia, Moravia and Austrian Silesia. It is not to be confused with the "Lands of the Bohemian Crown", which, after initial Luxembourgian rule, constituted one of the three parts of the Central European Habsburg Empire since the 16th century, and which, in addition to Silesia, at times included also the Margraviates of Upper Lusatia and Lower Lusatia.

 from the early modern period to contemporary history, as well as the history of Slovakia in the 20th century, and comprehensive works on the history of the Habsburg Monarchy. In addition, the fields of law, philology, literature, the culture of remembrance, art and cultural history, religious and church history, and folklore are well represented. Alongside legal texts, topographical works, encyclopedias and reference works on the history of economics and biographical histories, the research library also contains specialist journal series (including, where possible, the very earliest issues), annual reports of associations and schools, Czech and Slovak newspapers from the post-war period, as well as the journalism of the expelled Germans and publications of the Czechoslovak emigration.