This richly illustrated magazine shows the many facets of German culture and history in Eastern Europe through essayistic and literary texts, photo spreads and popular science essays.
The magazine for German culture and history in Eastern Europe not only covers a multitude of countries and regions between the Baltic Sea, the Danube and the Black Sea – the disciplines are also as numerous as the topics covered. Journalists, writers, students and authors from the Kulturforum and its partner institutions have taken up the challenge of bundling the almost incalculable thematic and regional diversity of German culture and history in Eastern Europe in an appealing way and making it accessible to a broad public. 
The results are presented in four sections: Orte (Places) and Menschen (People) focus on regional and biographical aspects, while Werke (Works) presents remarkable exhibits or entire collections, and the Szene (Scene) section looks at current projects, developments and commemorative events. Literary texts are printed in the original, often in specially prepared translations. In addition, each issue has a main topic focus.
Previous issues and focus topics
  • 2013: Croatia? Croatia! Beyond the Tourist Routes: Swabians on the Danube and Drava Rivers
  • 2014: Turn of the times 1914: Eastern Europe between Fin de Siècle and the conflagration of the world.
  • 2015: Violent Peace. Eastern Europe after the "zero hour" of 1945
  • 2016: Mother Cities. Of large and small metropolises in Eastern Europe
  • 2017: More than Luther. Reformation in Eastern Europe
  • 2018: Between Mourning and Triumph. The year 1918 and its consequences in Eastern Europe
  • 2019: Borderless Regional. Landscape and Identity in Eastern Europe
  • 2020: In the middle and different. German-speaking minorities in Eastern Europe
  • 2021: Show values. Culture and History in the Mirror of Visual Media
  • 2022: The Power of Words. German-language literature from Eastern Europe
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