The Hoffman estate, which has been made accessible through a cooperation project between HAUS SCHLESIEN and the Martin Opitz Library, tells a family’s history, which spans a century and hundreds of kilometers, from Lower Silesia to the Rhine. More than 500 photographs, documents and memoirs of relatives give us a glimpse into how life really was for those driven from their homes after the Second World War. 
The Hoffmann Collection tells the story of a Silesian family and their fate during the 20th century. The collection, which contains more than 500 documents and photographs, bears witness to their experiences of flight, expulsion, home and the loss of a homeland. Part of the collection is presented by HAUS SCHLESIEN in an introductory online presentation. On request, interested parties can view other parts of the collection in digital or original form in the library of the Documentation and Information Centre at HAUS SCHLESIEN.